As the owner of a business, we know that you need to promote a product or service in order to attract customers. Customers equal to cashflow, and it’s what keeps you in business.

And that’s why copywriters like us can help you in this goal. When you hire a copywriter, you hire a communicator for your online medium. How well your website communicates, interacts, informs and converts leads largely depends on the quality of content that’s there on your website.

By hiring a professional copywriter, you make your website (or marketing material) purposeful, strong and sales-oriented. Moreover, for websites, SEO content also empowers them to the top of search engine rankings. SEO Article Writing is a powerful tool that makes your website rank well on search engines.

Apart from website content, business also can do with powerful and impressive content for their marketing materials such as presentations, flyers, brochures and advertisement. Creative copy-empowered content never hurts any communication.


A good chunk of ad copy writing services employs the expertise of copywriters. So, if there’s something to sell then talk about it (read advertise). Marketers across the globe realize the importance of this aspect. An advertisement, then, to begin with, is all about what you have to say – words and copy. Hence, with the promise of providing ad copy writing services.

An advertisement is a sales pitch in disguise, where the marketer introduces his or her product with the only motive of turning it into sales. Now, to engage the consumer with the product and not do a hard-sell, is something to be done ingeniously. A professional copywriter makes this happen. Focusing on the area of ad copy writing services, we try and understand the inherent idea of how to market a company/product of a company.


An auto-responder  is a short series of emails that are automatically sent to a new prospect who has just opted-in to your client’s email list. They can be e-newsletters or e-courses that people get in exchange for providing you with their contact details (their name and email address). Auto-responders provide your leads with valuable information that in turn, convinces them to buy your product or service.

By using autoresponders in your business, you can really generate a whole lot of leads that can skyrocket your business profits! They are definitely worth using in your marketing endeavours.

Blog Writing

Blog writing services are recommended for businesses that prefer being interactive online. More often than not, these demands are catered by blog writers. By availing our blog writing services, you get the advantage of customized solutions such as:

  • Understanding the product and the type of demand.
  • Learning about the market of the product.
  • Following the consumer trends and offering content accordingly.
  • Designing content with rich keywords that guide the web traffic to the blog.
  • Making the blog interactive and lively by responding to consumers’ comments.

Article Writing

Article writing services are popular owing to the quality of content that the articles provide. We write general articles, informative articles, travel articles, articles with a dash of humour, articles for a specific target audience and articles with your defined guidelines in mind. Our copywriters are skilled at writing for various industries eg. media, technology, hospitality, aviation, medicine….you got the picture right?

Brochure & Flyers

Brochures and flyers are great marketing tools for almost any business. Whether you are doing a direct mail campaign or simply wish to pass them out at networking events, brochures and flyers are ideal. Our copywriters  can work with you to create quality brochure copywriting and flyer copywriting for your business.

E-Books & Reports

Businesses could never have thought that books or reports may help them market their products well. Agreed, this concept is new, but it sure has promise. We, at PxelGrafx, provide E-book  and Report writing services as one of our extended services segment.

Introduction Letters

Introduction letters are the letters you send to prospective clients to introduce your company’s products or services. They can be used to establish new contacts, attract venture partners or they can directly ask the respondent to take up a special, limited time offer. Introduction letters are a highly effective way to attract new clients, and they are a suitable marketing activity for almost any type of business.

Writing an introduction letter can be a challenging, but don’t worry our skilled and professional copywriters will work with you to craft an introduction letter that will help you achieve all of your objectives.


Newsletters or e-newsletters are a great marketing tool that every business can use to keep current clients buying. They are also ideal if you have a big list of prospects. By enlisting our newsletter writing team to write your newsletters or e-newsletters, you will get a full newsletter writing service.

Press Releases

Press release writing service is gaining popularity, owing to the fact that trained and well-versed PR writers give an edge to any communication.

Press release writing is the perfect blend of creativity and subtlety. Having mastered the art with years of experience in this field, our team of copywriters offers you precisely what you came looking for.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the few paragraphs that online retailers use to describe a product and compel browsers to buy.

When you hire our product description writers, you will get quality product descriptions that are exciting and compelling.

Sales Letter & Landing Pages

Sales letters and landing pages directly appeal to prospects to buy the product or service you are offering. It takes a highly skilled copywriter to write the kind of copy that literally jumps off the paper or computer screen and urges action.

Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are web pages that have one objective: to generate leads! Squeeze pages do this by ‘selling’ site visitors a special offer – often a free offer for something useful like a free report or free e-course. The free report or free e-course is made available to them, in exchange for their contact details, e.g. name and email address.

Our copywriters will provide you with highly effective squeeze page copy writing that will get you results.

Web Copy

Web copy refers to those standard pages you see on a website. The sorts of pages that come under the banner of web copy include the pages you are reading here on PxelGrafx website. For instance, Home pages, About Us pages, Services pages, Terms and Conditions pages, FAQ pages and the like. Our copywriters write the copy for all of these pages and many more.

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