PxelGrafx is an graphic and web design agency. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, here challenges are viewed as opportunities to learn beyond the known and perform beyond the tried.

We revel in the chance to enter new markets and defy conventions. Our client base is primarily from B2B sectors like trade and investment, IT, consulting and entertainment industry, but great ideas still go far and wide. A vast range of markets and product areas, both B2B and B2C have enjoyed our effective marketing services, graphic designing talent, product positioning strategy and advertising – both above and below-the-line.

We provide expertise in the field of Print Advertising, Events and Exhibitions Management, Outdoor Media Planning, Online Promotions, Electronic Media and Alternate Media Strategy.

Our specialist knowledge and expertise lies in through-the-line advertising, corporate identity designing, promotion and marketing disciplines, creating and delivering campaign solutions that are intrusive, informative, persuasive, responsive and generate results.

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