Welcome to PxelGrafx merging crisp design powerful communication and ease of use design firm which provides broad market exposure to every business. We create more than a website. PxelGrafx is a web design, graphic design and application development company. We specialise in web design, web development, ecommerce, search engine optimization, corporate branding and online marketing solutions as well as all your print marketing needs, If you want to jump on to the web we are the right people. We can turn around non-performing websites into valuable assets.

Our smart online marketing strategies ensure the maximum exposure and eyeballs. Our designs successfully engage and convert potential enquiries into direct sales. We create interactive websites which convince impress sell.

Graphic Design

Graphic-designer-iconWhether you are new in business or an established business wanting to update your image, PxelGrafx provides graphic design services to meet your needs.

Web Design

Web-iconPxelGrafx can help you with your online presence, whether it’s an online shop or profile on the internet. We can custom design websites to your requirements. Our process is simple and efficient .

Online Marketing

SEO-icon-300x300A website is only part of having successful online presence, it should promoted well to let people become aware of your business, products and services. We can help you find your target audience.

E-commerce Solution

shopping_cartAt PxelGrafx we make it quick, easy and affordable to sell your products online. We include everything you need to start selling straight away as well as a custom design to match your business.

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Mobile Friendly Sites

A responsive website can load an optimized design on various devices like mobile, tablets, iPhones, Desktops etc.

Website creation is what we specialize in. We have years of practical experience in designing and structuring websites and this in depth knowledge allows us to create great looking functional Responsive websites.

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CMS Websites

Who requires a CMS website?

Anyone who needs a website that they want to update on a daily basis and do not want to run to their web designer each time they need something updated on the website.

WordPress CMS is one of our preferred platform for createing great looking & functional websites.


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We can help you setup a feature rich, online e-commerce shop easily and affordably.

We primarily use open source e-commerce platforms to design e-commerce websites for your online shop. Some of the advantages of using open source are Lower Cost, Reliability and Stability.


Our Process

Our process allows us to provide clients with a professional design. Each project progresses through our 4 step process systematically. The streamlining of each step helps us to reduce the production time as well as minimise the development cost in creating advanced design

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